New Things, Prayerfully New Me

Last night I went to buy supper at an eating place that I have not frequented for perhaps more than 10 years. Close friends know where, and why. It was a breakthrough for me.

But there was another new thing that I did too, which was also something I have not done for years. I visited my father’s 2nd older sister during Chinese New Year with my mom. After my parents’ divorce, we have not really been in touch except for a brief few days when my paternal grandmother passed away.  So it was a big surprise to me when my mom wanted to visit my father’s 2nd older sister.

We went, and it was awkard for me cos to some extent she is almost a stranger to me, and I am not someone who can just converse with anybody. But still I am thankful that we visited. She is someone who has always been nice to me and my mother even despite how my other paternal relatives treated my mom.

My father told me he was happy about it too. Oh my aunt also told me something I thank God for. My father has found favour with his employers/co-workers at a hospital. They often bless him with tea/coffee and red packets.

So new thing #1 visited aunt, #2 went to the hawker center I’ve avoided for years, and #3, I finally went into St Andrew’s Cathedral to pray before going to work. I have walked into the chapel before but this is the first time I prayed in the chapel before going to work. It is really a good start for the day. I found out the chapel is opened at 7am every morning. I want to make it a point to pray there everyday before going to work.


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