Daniel Lee, aka Tablo, aka Haru’s Daddy

I have heard a little about what he went through from himself, and his wife when they were on TV, and although I liked them in the way they spoke and behaved, as they are both honest, direct and candid, I didn’t think much about the depth of suffering Tablo actually went through.

Only when I “fell in love” with Haru, Tablo’s cute little daughter (while watching “Superman Returns”), who is as honest, candid and smart like her parents, that I get more interested in learning more about her Daddy. And also Tablo been a friend of Nicholas Tse, an actor that I liked, was another reason for my new-found interest.

But when I found the following article, and read through it, I was simply flabbergasted, horrified, and almost couldn’t believe what I read was true. It was really ridiculous! But Tablo and his family went through that period of time and managed to get the truth out. But it was a long period of time, and Tablo and his family, and even people who showed evidence of him being truthful, was severely persecuted, even with death threats. Are people nuts? I think so. Why was the Cultural Revolution and the persecution of the Jews so successively and extensively carried out? Because contrary to what we hope, human can be so easily led to be nuts who cannot think logically, sensibly, and for that period in time, suddenly seem to throw away all positive traits of humanity like grace, love, and mercy. And the group dynamics, or group mentality or groupthink…whatever you call it, can have devastating results…when people just follow the LOUDEST or most AGGRESSIVE people blindly.

Here’s the link to the article: https://alumni.stanford.edu/get/page/magazine/article/?article_id=40913

I am really thankful that Tablo got his innocence and honesty proven. But why on earth was it necessary in the very first place? Just because of a few netizens who are jealous of Tablo’s achievement. Instead of motivating themselves to become better achievers, they attempt to destroy what other people worked hard to achieve.

What really saddened me is the remark made by one of the main accuser of Tablo. When he was asked by the police to report for questioning, his response was, “I posted in a fair manner, so I will not answer the summons.”

Can this gentleman please tell us what’s HIS definition of “fair”? He accused Tablo when he had nothing as proof, only speculations upon speculations. And one thing that really makes me feel very sad, almost heart-broken for Tablo, is when Tablo and his family presented concrete evidences and proofs, the gang of accusers (including the man who refused the police summons I guess) simply refuted the evidences as things bought with money, or identity theft. Just like what Tablo and the people around him realised, these people didn’t really want the truth, they just want to destroy Tablo. Simply because he was too good to be true, to them…or that they are bitterly jealous because they cannot do what he did. But when they were found to be the liars, they thought that they shouldn’t be answerable because they were “fair”? The only “fair” part in this whole ordeal, was in Tablo’s actions. Whatever he was accused of, he just presented one by one the evidences and proofs he can gathered.

Then this part really makes me want to HATE those accusers (but I won’t go to that extent, I don’t want to be like them, I guessed I have learned something from Korean drama after all…听见你的声音) : “On the TaJinYo forum, one of the accusers of Tablo questioned whether defamation was an international crime and vented his frustration at being unjustly targeted. “I am so angry they are treating me like a suspect when they have not confirmed I am a criminal,” he wrote.” (quoted from the article you can find from the above link)

For goodness sake, the words in bold, were what HE and the other accusers did to Tablo. Actually they did worse. They treated Tablo like a criminal, not just a suspect, even when they have no proof, because they WANTED him to be a criminal. Tablo was the one who was unjustly targeted. I am really MAD.  This man wasn’t unjustly targeted, he made himself the target of the law, but it wasn’t unjust. No one but himself made the decision to keep persecuting Tablo and his family. In addition, DEFAMATION is wrong, it is a crime PERIOD, wherever the location is, on the globe or on the internet.

Tablo suffered a long period of depression. All these didn’t have to happen at all. I am thankful that he married the RIGHT woman who was able to stand by him, and gave him a sweet daughter, Haru. To read about how Haru wiped away Tablo’s tears when he cried hiding in the room, was heart-breaking. No wonder Haru seems to be so mature and caring, always sensitive to the needs and likings of other people. She has seen how unhappy her father was, she knows what unhappiness look like, and of course she would want to make people around her happy.  Dear Haru, I hope you would grow up to be a sweet loving girl, with wisdom and clarity of mind, and be as candid, honest, frank and strong-willed like your parents.

Nobody should go through what Tablo and his family went through. Especially when the main accuser, didn’t even know him, didn’t have any iota of proof whatsoever, and was actually enjoying himself inciting people to join him in this cyberbullying of a person he doesn’t really know and didn’t do him any harm. This is what can be summarized into two words, jealousy and malice.

I don’t think what happened to Tablo is an individual case. I think it has happened throughout history, but in 2010, with the explosive growth of internet communities, it has been carried out to a seriousness and extensiveness that has never before been witnessed. And the effect is really devastating.

I cannot expressed myself in a clear manner, firstly because I am simply overwhelmed with what I learned, I really feel very sorry for Tablo and his family……  The following articles are much better in explaning “the morale” or “wake up call” or what might have enable the main accuser to succeed in his baseless accusations, in a clearer manner:

http://angrykpopfan.tumblr.com/post/7667683468/tablo-tajinyo-and-the-implications-of-celebrity (this blog has a summary of the above link and also the pictures of the documents that Tablo provided to show his innocence, if you skipped past the summary, there are several very interesting parts to read, illuminating in fact, and I really really like the last sentence. It really makes a lot of sense. Remind me of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD)

The (online) persecution of Daniel Lee

http://www.wired.com/underwire/2012/04/ff_koreanrapper/ (lengthy but in-depth)


Now that I know more about Tablo, and how successful his music and book were, I am interested in listening to his songs (though hip hop is not really my cup of tea), and reading his book (ar, this is what I truly would love). I cannot guarantee I’ll like Epik High’s music, but I have a gut feeling I’ll enjoy his book, though I must first manage to find it and buy it! Good thing he did publish an English version, because after all, he wrote the book in English first!


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