Captain America: the Winter Soldier (with tonnes of spoilers, don’t read!!!)

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I definitely must thank the couple of positive reviews (that didn’t have any spoilers), and God’s prompting. I didn’t even have that kind of prompting to watch the Wind Rises although that was a movie I have been waiting for. Instead, I am prompted to watch Captain America. And I am glad. First thing first, please stay in your seats till the VERY end. There would be TWO after-credits clips after the “end” of the actual story. The first one would be shown soon after the credits for the main actors & actresses, but the second one (which I MISSED but found out the content later on) would be shown much later, after the ENTIRE credits roll. Your patience would be highly rewarded. I only missed the second clip because I knew avengers movies always have such clips, but there were audiences who left before the credits began to roll, and missed both clips.


COMPLETE SPOILERS AHEAD. Don’t read if you haven’t watched the movie. Seriously. When I say complete I do mean COMPLETE.

This is my space, and so far I don’t have many readers, so PLEASE DON’T READ if you happen to navigate your way to this page, and haven’t watched the movie. GO WATCH IT, it is worth it.


The movie began with Steve Rogers jogging VERY fast, jogging past several times a poor guy who only seemed to be slow in comparison. But that guy didn’t mind it, in fact seemed to enjoy the joke on himself too. Overall a friendly and jovial guy, with a sense of humor. And he worked for the VA (Veteran Affairs). Meant that he was a solider too. So the two actually strike a instant friendship.

I like this guy, Samuel Wilson. He must possess a certain level of self-confidence, to be this nonchalantly jovial about being slower than Captain America. In no sense was he awkward or uneasy, there was a complete absence of inferiority or jealousy. Of course if you were a Marvel comics reader, you would know who he turned out to be.

Well, I am not going to reveal all the details, but this man shined in the movie. I agree with the actor when he said that he is no sidekick. He is definitely a fellow combatant.

I didn’t really understand the pirates part of the movie, and why Nick Fury was suspected to have hired the pirates himself, and I am still not clear did he do it or not. Was he framed? Or if he did do it, what was his purpose.

Robert Redford……almost forgot he was in this movie too, until I see him holding a conference with the committee when the committee weren’t happy about what happened at sea. I have not seen any of his movies for years, and this year alone I have seen both “Captain America: the Winter Soldier” and “All Is Lost” (which is a must-watch too, if you can survive a movie that has only a few lines of dialogues, and only one actor, a yacht, a life boat and the big blue ocean, and some storms to add some varieties and excitement).

It is kind of weird to see him with so much sense of authority and control over situations in this movie, when I still remembered him as the Man who couldn’t control what happened to him, and could only choose to adapt to the environment while trying to survive.

But he is so good that I soon forgot All Is Lost, or how he was in it. I had lots of pity for the guy in All Is Lost. This guy in Captain America 2, didn’t need any sympathy.

I liked the excitement, actions especially the part where Nick Fury was “driving” for his life. Wow. Great action scenes. The final confrontation was also fantastically orchestrated. I really felt the angst in the atmosphere that permeated the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. The tension was palpitating through every moment. You just never really know who’s the enemy, or worse, who’s the true friends or comrades of the same cause . Just like how Steve said, “If they shoot at you, they are the bad guys.” That’s the only way you can tell who’s friend or fiend, but it might be too late.

Why do I like this movie so much? Why did I honestly think God allowed me or prompted me to watch this movie?

Well……evil lurks even in the places where goodness seem to have been believed, accepted and practiced. In fact, evil may even take over. So when one is threaten, will one make the choice to “do the right thing” even while risking one’s life with a 99.99% of becoming martyr? Or would one be so completely taken with the lies and pseudo-blessings from the evil side, and insist on carrying out horrendous missions? (And another thought that came to mind, is that how did the S.H.I.E.L.D. allow the internal changes to take place without ever realising that it has been compromised? That is a loud and clear warning and reminder for us not to allow any seed of sins to come into our lives, and to purge them whenever we realised their presence. To be so alert, we have to stay in God’s presence! )

The speech made by Captain America aka Steve Rogers was so moving, that we can understand why one character in the movie felt compelled to ask Steve was the speech an impromptu one, or a well-thought-of-written script. While listening to the speech, with Chris Evans doing a great job delivering the lines with clarity and sincerity, I can imagine how people in the S.H.I.E.L.D. would feel. It was the time to take sides, and there is no sitting on the fence. The option is simply not present. It was painful and breath-stopping to see people making the choices. My heart almost broke and I closed my eyes more than once so that I don’t have to see people getting shot when they choose the side of true justice.

So it would be with Apocalypse and the Judgement Day. There is only one side we can choose. Are we sure we are on the RIGHT side? Would we even die to defend our cause and our choice?

In addition, how do we know who’s on our side, sincerely, who is not wearing a mask, coming with hidden agenda? How do we know the persons who called themselves our fellow brothers and sisters, are truly fellow believers who are Xtreme disciples who would put God first?

Another thing that is unforgettable about this movie, is the recurring motif of friendship. The words “friend” & “trust” keeps popping up, either explicitly or through the truths revealed as the story unfolds.

What is friendship? Who would you consider as friends? How about those whose identities, thoughts, principles, ways of doing things are different from yours, or even contrary to what you can accept? Who would you trust? An old friend who promised to be with you to the end, or a new one who will fight with you through all kinds of battles?

Are we Christians supposed to be completely the same? No, the Bible clearly stated that we have different callings and different talents and different roles. But Christ also said that we should love one another, this is so important that it is through this people can see that we truly belongs to Him. So friends obviously can be very different in temperaments, interests and personalities.

In addition, true friends won’t let you go even when you did something wrong. True friends will hope for and work towards helping you to “wake up”, because they still believe in you.

Captain America might have wondered, might have had his doubts and misgivings……he might even die for the sake of cherishing friendship, but he did what he believed was what he must do. I would like to have such a friend, even without his shield and super soldier serum.

But it also brought me to think about God sending His Son Lord Jesus Christ to die for us, while we were yet sinners.

When Bucky couldn’t remember Steve, Steve still loves him so much as to save him from death even after Bucky gave him horrible injuries.

When we didn’t know our rightful Master was God, He didn’t forsake us or give us up, Jesus came pursuing us, to the extent of spilling His own blood.

If Captain America seems to be a great candidate for a wonderful trustworthy reliable friend, then how about the Lord Jesus Christ?


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