Captain America: the Winter Soldier – Crossbone (With spoilers)

He left an unforgettable impression even as early as the mission of fighting the pirates. He didn’t seem to be that impressed,  at least obviously not in a positive way with regards to Captain America’s leap unto the vessel without the aid of a parachute. His facial expression was a little malevolent, but since I didn’t know he would be a bad guy or have such significant role, I just thought that the actor chose the inappropriate expression for his line (of course I was wrong! ).

Even when he was about to have a confrontation with the Captain in the elevator, I still thought he was just reluctantly following orders, especially when he told the Captain it wasn’t personal. So I was shocked to hear the Captain retorted that he found it personal. So I tried to recall Crossbone’ s look  and moves when he tried to attack the Captain,  and yes, it did feel that he had no liking for the Captain.

This was surprising to me simply because I am used to watching similar storyline in Asian movies or television series where the confrontations between two parties who used to be a team, were usually carried out with reluctance. Or I just simply didn’t know this guy would be such a major and important enemy.

I must say this guy is as full of spunk as Falcon,  as can be seen in the fighting scene between them. And this guy is also shrewd, observant and smart. As he spotted the helicopter of the tv network hovering near, although he and his troops have already held the Captain at gun point, he stopped his fellow soldier from killing the Captain then and there, saying,  “Put your gun down,  we can’t kill him here.” (Or something to that effect.)

He might not be physically as super-strong as the Captain.  But his determination,  tenacity and fast thinking,  would make him an enemy not to be reckon with lightly.


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