A tragedy that shouldn’t happen : 2-year old starved to death……

On one hand, I see the sad news of hundreds of people missing from a sunken ferry; on the other hand there is another news of a father who allowed his 2 year old son to starve to death because he preferred to spend time playing internet games rather than to take care of his son. Hundreds of families now fear for the lives of their love ones, hoping that they would be able to come home safe and sound, many of the missing passengers could be the high school students who were on the ferry for a vacation trip. This is a sad accident that no one can predict, no one choose to allow it to happen.

However, for the case of the 2 year old boy who lost his life, that was not an accident. The father could have chosen to take much better care of his son.

It was reported that the jobless father was responsible to take care of his young son because the mother has to work in another city. Instead of caring for his young child, he spent days in internet cafes, only going home every 2 to 3 days to feed the child. For goodness sake, this boy was only 2, he needed more than food! He needed someone to bath him, someone to love him, someone to change him, someone to make sure he has clean diapers, someone to toilet train him, someone to make sure he wasn’t expose to too much heat or cold, someone to hug him, someone to talk to him, SOMEONE TO BE WITH HIM.

I shuddered, I can’t imagine what the poor boy went through those days before his death. He must have been frightened, he must have cried, he must have been lonely and couldn’t understand why there is no one around for days on end, he might have been fed on 2-3 days’ “supplies” the father might have left (who knows did this father know how much to allocate when he was obviously a negligent father!), he must have suffered with soiled diapers and felt completely uncomfortable without having baths……how can anyone do this to a child, his own child who is so young?

When I saw that the father allegedly left the body of the boy to decompose, and packed it in a bag and threw the bag away after one month of the boy’s death…..and that this father even had the mood to tidy up his hair with one hand while holding the bag containing the body of his son in another hand……

Even if one is biologically ready to father a child, doesn’t mean he is ready to be father. The same applies of course to mother. This same day I saw another news of a mother in Utah USA who killed six of her babies.

I proposed that a law be set that before any one can become a parent, he or she must go through parenting course, psychological profiling, maturity assessment, common sense evaluation et cetera. We can’t sit and just gasp and shake our head and sigh every time we see such news. We must take preventive measures for the unborn children as well as measures to protect those who are already borned.

Mark 9:36-37

He took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in his arms, he said to them,  “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”

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