My Written take on the concept of “passion”.

Self-comment: I don’t think it is a full-stop, more like a “……”.


It sounds great, “follow your passion”. Or “follow your dream”. “Follow your heart”.

But what if, your passion doesn’t help the world become a better place.

What if, your dream is to overthrow all human decency.

What if, your heart is full of evilness, what if you are a social-path ……

Just like the concept of “freedom”, “passion” shouldn’t be a completely free agent.

It should be reined by the following:

1. It must be beneficial for mankind, one’s country, or at least one’s community.
2. It must be something that can bring in income (or else it should be called”hobby”).

3. Before embarking on the journey of becoming an independent working adult, we should be open to potential job options, do our best to pick up new skills and polish the old ones, so that we can cultivate our passions, which will actually grow out of skills advancement.

4. Be ready to work hard, in fact JUST work hard.

5. If we seriously think that what we deem as our “passion” can bring in income, we have to carefully plan for it, and make sure we have the skills, knowledge concerning it, and we must be humble enough to research on who has done similary things. Learn from their success and failure.

6. Always be open-minded to changes, whether internally or externally. Be willing to adjust, readjust, learn and re-learn.

Cultivate our passion, bring it wherever we go. Make sure we have direction, plan, skills, resources, advisers, and are willing to put in hardwork.


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