New Habits to be Formed

Had the desire to simplify my lifestyle for a long time.  Finally got some ideas from some Christian minimalists.  Why not start NOW.

1. Relationship with God: QT/Prayers/2-way communication
2. Interpersonal Relationships: Father/Mother/Relatives/Cell Grp/Friends/Pple at work
3. Church Wise – Contribute to CG, bring people to God
4. Teaching – Do my best, honestly, loyally and with dedication
5. Live a life that is J.O.y. in sequence, always think about WWJD (love others)

1. Time – Must be spent on value-added activities, REDUCE un-wind time (I don’t really need that much).  Must choose what to read online, aim for as little as 5% internet use outside work (no Internet after 10.30pm) STOPPED watching TV as of March 2014.
2. Money – Only spend on necessities (major temptations: book & food, BEWARE).  Remainder: Charity/Blessings people around me/Savings. STOP purchasing unnecessary material goods for 3 mths as at 17 Apr.
3. Space – Keep only things that WOULD SURELY be used.  What had not been used for more than a year, IS NOT essential.
4. Thoughts – only for God, and for achieving top 5 goals.
5. Health – Walk 30 minutes or Exercise 10 minutes everyday; sleep between 11.30-5.30/6.30
6. Food – Vegetables is a MUST, meat is NOT. Water is important.

MY LIST OF 100?! THINGS (donate/throw/give away the rest). (by End June)
1. Bible (currently reading one/NASB Life Application Bible)
2. Impt documents (in folders or file)
3. Stationery (incl pencil case)
4. Diary/Sermon Notes/Schedule Book/Daily Time Block Book
5. Laptop/usb/plug-and-play/charger/cables/mouse
6. Cell phone/charger
7. etc (I have full list but need not reveal)

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