Time Block

Although I have a 2014 Schedule notebook, the one week on two pages format doesn’t allow room for time-blocking. Initially I printed pages of excel files with hours of the day printed,  but the lines are really restrictive.

So I finally chose to get a simple lined notebook, and different coloured pens for marking different tasks.

As I prepared the pages for time block by drawing three lines on each page (each column used for “misc”, “hours of the day”, “time-block” & “additional notes” respectively), new ideas came flooding in (because I was thinking of how to cater this method to my specific job and daily requirements).

So in the “misc” column, I now have several sub-categories : “what to bring to work”, “what to bring home” etc.

This have helped tremendously for a pretty forgetful me who tend to be not very clear minded when overwhelmed.  I am able to plan and record clearly beforehand, what items to bring to work (or I’ll be in big trouble), what items I must bring home (for work use as I have to use these stuff very very early the next day, like 7.30am, teaching in a place that’s far from office or home).

This method has also enabled me to see available  timeslots for very important, urgent tasks that I must carry out but seemingly has hardly any time available because there have been an influx of additional projects that cannot be refused.

I must thank Mr Cal Newport for Time Block. And as a teacher, researcher who also needs to carry out administrative duties, his working method suits me better than the method used by businessmen or sales personnel.



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