What works for me.

Am using combination of Cal Newport’s Time Block & “Deep Work”, Pomodora method (mine is 40 – 5 – 40 – 10 – 40 – 5 – 40 – 10 …), and recording amount of time spent on specific tasks.

1. Able to focus on task on hand without thinking of other unfinished tasks.

2. Not given chance of distraction because there’s no computer next to me.

3. Cell phone (with Internet access but I don’t usually switch on data plan) is used as a tool for my Pomodora app and electric dictionary. I am used to switching off data plan, and have already uninstalled Facebook & twitter from it.

4. Breaks were used to listen to hymns, Shinhwa songs or praying, or taking a quick glance at instagram (I follow less than 15 people). Might also get a cup of liquid (anything that’s warm and non-alcoholic) or take a toilet break in the future.  Overall, I do feel fruitful without feeling burned.

Will review and assess more as I continue this working method.


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