Boiling mad.

Saw this from Times website:

Son Byoung-gi, a lawyer representing Chonghaejin Marine Co., has said the company will announce its position after the investigation is completed, adding that “if there is any legal responsibility, the owners are willing to offer their wealth and assets to help compensate the [families of the] victims.”

What other POSITION can be taken except KNEELING DOWN to beg for forgiveness!!!!!!! WHAT do you mean by LEGAL responsibility????!!!!! The LAW was created to supposedly protect people’s lives and properties,  and LIVES have been lost because of the “litany of errors” on the shipping company’s part, and FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN PRINCIPLES of preserving lives, protecting the children, HAVE BEEN DEADLY VIOLATED!!!!!!!  If the shipping company have lost cargoes or caused damages to the cargoes in their vessels, they know that they would be held responsible for that and would not get any lawyer to phrase such “OFFICIAL REPLY” which is completely devoid of human decency,  moral, heart and soul.

Aren’t human lives much much much more invaluable than objects? And can any asset or wealth take the place of hundreds of young lives? Can the money hug the parents or say I love you? Can the money warm the parents hearts with smiles?

Oh I forgot, what other behaviour or stance can anyone expect from the company that is FULLY responsible for the existence of a ferry and crew members that are ALL UNFITTED to ferry human lives.


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