Families who hate Sewol-ho, pls stay alive!

Stay alive to keep the memories of those who lost their lives.

Stay alive to see the company fully responsible for the existence of a ferry ill-fitted and crew members untrained to ferry human lives, get to pay its dues.

Stay alive to keep your eyes on the government and the transportation sector, make serious changes to make sure this kind of man-made disaster won’t be allowed to happen again.

Stay alive to help your children’s friends and other survivors who lost the rest of their immediate family in this tragedy,  so that they won’t feel guilty of surviving, but would instead be able to live life to the fullest, for themsleves and also for their friends and others who didn’t survive.

Don’t give the detestable Sewol-ho any more chance to claim any more lives.

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  1. It’s a truly awful tragedy. I just blogged about this too, specifically on why I think that Western critics who try to link disasters like this to Korea’s Confucian culture are so often misguided. Please check it out at Sweet Pickles and Corn. Cheers!

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