Shocked. Please stay alive.

3 times over what’s legal……the weight of the cargo, the abrupt turnings, the cowardly irresponsible crew who obviously didn’t have adequate safety training or awareness (not the entire crew are like that……must keep this in mind), caused something that shouldn’t have happened to happen.

Completely shocked.

The system must be reviewed and revamped. How did a ship like Sewol, a crew that wasn’t train to evacuate passengers properly, and an untrustworthy money-minded irresponsible company that cares nothing for human lives,  be allowed to exist in the very first place? 

Even the survivors are still living the nightmare. And the rescue mission has also cost the life of one diver. This tragedy has potentially serious ripple effects that may not end in the near future. It reaches personal, social,  political,  national,  emotional arenas.

All because of $,  and a serious lack of concern for human lives.

I can’t say who’s more to be blamed,  the shipping company, the bosses of that company,  the runaway “captain”, the crew members who deserted the passengers (especially the young high school students who trusted and obeyed their seriously wrong instruction), the greed to carry 3 times more cargo to earn more $ faster……but all these became a fatal formula that culminated into this disaster.

Perhaps it can really be boil down into one word,  GREED.

I hope the family members of all affected passengers and crew members (those who lost their lives in the line of duty) stay alive, strong and healthy,  so that they can KEEP THEIR EYES on the government, the public transport industries, the safety precautions and trainings of all social, public and educational activities, TO MAKE SURE similar tragedy will not happen again.

No one should lose his or her life anymore over Sewol-ho’s tragedy.

Stay alive, to keep the memories of those who lost their lives; Stay alive, to make sure no one else forgets, so that changes can be made in the systems.


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