Beginning to read MERE CHRISTIANITY again



Just finished reading the PREFACE of “Mere Christianity”.

Though I have attempted to read it in the past, I don’t remember the content much. I am super impressed that even just the preface is so full of sense, logic and wisdom.  I even had to read some of the sentences more than once,  to make sure I really understood what’s being said.

I really think every Christian should read the Bible, and Mere Christianity. Shall re-read the preface again.

I have the bad habit of being greedy and impatient when it comes to reading. I would try to finish the book asap, and so I would easily forget what I read. MERE CHRISTIANITY is a very enlightening book,  I want to make sure I really understood it,  and can apply what’s learnt to my daily & spiritual life. Therefore I want to read every chapter at least twice. This blog entry is my action-plan memory enhancer!


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