The way I carry my haversack.

I carry it in the front.

Most people would assume that I do it that way to prevent theft. Well that makes sense too, but I’m not so rich as to worry about that. There are other reasons.

1. It is the most important and practical reason. It’s so much more convenient to take things out or put things in when I carry my haversack in front.

2. Second most important and practical reason. I will take up less space on crowded public transport. No matter how crowded,  usually people will leave a little space in front of others, so if I carry my haversack at the back, my usually very full bag would take up the space behind me. Since I carry it in front, the bag only takes up the space that would be left even on crowded public transport,  but the space behind me wouldn’t be taken up.

3. Quite practical reason. When it rains, my umbrella would be able to shield both my bag and me.

I may look weird and unsophisticated to people who think that haversack ought to be carried at the back. But the reasons to carry it in front are so good that I would keep carrying it that way. I’m glad to see more people on the streets carrying their haversacks in front!


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