[Habit Change] Progress Assessment

1. Got used to drinking 6 to 7 cups  of liquid, only 2 cups are with caffeine.  Previously: 4 cups of liquids, only 1 cup is plain water.

2. Can control desire to buy books much better.  I surprised myself.

3. Recognised Yo-yo effect of busy-packed-tiring-energy-straining Saturdays and Sundays have on my Quiet Time, Bible reading and budget control. I usually go haywire over the weekend.  Now that I noticed and recognised the trend,  I will be alert and push myself through them.

4. I used to be able to follow my budget up to 7th day of the month, and that is not much. Now even though the weekend yo yo effect is still affecting me,  I can come back to my planned budget more frequently.

5. I used to neglect the quantity or frequency of my vegetables and fruits intake, now I am keeping track and would only miss 1 or 2 days (for vegetables at least).

6. Am now more aware of the pointlessly addicting restless reliance on electronic gadgets including browsing the net with laptop. Also observing how people around me in public transport seem unable to survive a journey without watching videos or playing games. They don’t see their surrounding, their view is limited to the screen of whatever gadget they are using. They walked slower, react to situations and changes in environment slower…… I DON’T want to be one of the crowd anymore.

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