[Recommend] A Still Picture (KBS Drama Special, 1 Episode Only)

It is really short, but very meaningful. I suppose it spoke more to the middle-age people, than youngsters.

How many of us started life with lofty ideals and beautiful dreams, thinking that we would be chasing rainbows?

How many of us would, in 20 years’ time, realised we have become the kind of adults we never wanted to become.

This drama special is worth watching again.

And I must say, thank you, Mr Namgoong Min. You did a GREAT JOB. I hope you would still retain your first heart as a sincere, hard-working and responsible actor even as you start to gain a bigger following. Don’t ever let fame gets into your head, don’t start to become pretentious, stay who you are, even if that means you would still be giving heart-attacks to your managers and agency while being absolutely honest and straightforward in your answers while being interviewed. I see a lot of similarity between us, which I would not want to mention here. And I really want to be as crystal-like as you. And also learn to be more friendly and approachable like you have tried very hard to be. Fighting, Namgoong Min, fighting, myself. 🙂

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