[FOR YOU] 想你,真的想得好孤寂


I really really miss you. Why didn’t I cherish you more? Why did I allow myself to not try to go Hong Kong and visit you at your home, and take a good look at the place you have lived for so many years? Hearing this song again, made me cry. But no tears can bring you back.

The lyrics of this song now has another meaning for me.

Thank you for being my friend, always so magnanimous, accepting me as who I am, with all my eccentricities and flaws.

I hate myself for writing I miss you I love you and Thank you only now.


主唱:邰正宵      作词:姚若龙      作曲:立川俊之 (T. Tachikawa)

从你走后 细雨不停
听着雨声 夜夜醒到天明
眼角流出 无言的泪
呜~ 是回忆在胸口 偷哭泣

痛过想过 慢慢看清
外表平静 是骗你骗自己
用微笑送你 还答应 把祝福给你
忘了问 谁收留我的心

当你为了 我和他而犹豫
我不该 只等待你做决定
如果任性 那么一次把你抱紧
也许不会 失去你

想你想得好孤寂 (我想你想得好孤寂)
我想你想得好痛心 向天大声喊爱你
恨我说出口的 不到爱的万分之一
到如今 还能说给谁听

我想你想得好痛心 向着远方喊爱你
深深爱一个人 根本不该苦苦压抑
一点迟疑 一生的悲凄


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