[For someone] Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 174

You and God alone would understand why I stopped playing this game at level 171.

Because you would forever stopped at level 174.

Why did I spend time playing this game, comparing my progress with yours as a mean of “interaction” with you? But I didn’t spend the same amount of time really texting you person to person, or talk to you, or visit you.

After you stopped at level 174, I was determined to play this game till I can find where you are. I thought I would play till the level before yours, in a way of commemorating you, in a way of make-belief, as if I am walking behind your footsteps. But when I reached level 171, I don’t want to move on anymore.

This is where I’ll leave this game. This is not a game to me. It is my Memorial Tablet, of a friend whom loved me so much so sincerely, whom I didn’t treasure enough.


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